Drawing well is the entry requirement for cartooning

Artwork by JunMing // Reference No.: JM0219

I know its a little harsh, but I am making this note to remind myself that the drawing is as important as the idea, or the punch itself. Cartooning is an art form, just like music or dance. And like all art forms, you need to practice before you gain ‘entry’. It’s like table tennis, a sport that is rather easy to play but difficult to excel.

There are many ways to deliver a cartoon. It is not wrong to choose a faster approach or a lengthy one as long as it is the best for the cartoon. For the longest time I have been trying very hard to find a style that allows me to skip all the proper steps of drawing and go straight to the idea. The punch. A formula, a secret doorway, or rather a short cut.

Unknowingly, I have also became obsessed with the end product of drawing rather than the drawing itself. Impatience is pretty much an enemy. I was skipping steps so that I can deliver or post my cartoons quickly on Facebook or Instagram. I am so attracted to the prospects of immediate ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’ that I seem to be missing something here. It might be the fun of drawing. The pursuit of excellence in the cartooning art form itself.

So this post serves as a strong reminder that the essence of cartooning is drawing. Much like the witch in the piece above, it is important to take pride in the practise of this unique form and to keep improving the craft.